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1. Hiking
The pension is ideally located for hiking. The pension’s travel agency organizes hiking trips with a guide around CK as well as to other regional sites of interest (Dívčí kámen, Čertova stěna, etc.)
2. Horse riding
Price per hour » 5 USD, riding course (11 hours) » 45 USD, all-day ride » 50 USD, carriage ride for 4 passengers » 20 USD
Český Krumlov attracts tourists not only with its historic monuments and cultural life, but also because of its clean air and magnificent nature. This has given rise to many clubs around Český Krumlov which offer visitors romantic horse rides. Specially trained horses and experienced trainers will make this an unforgettable experience.
3. Bicycle rentals
Price per hour » 2 USD, all day » 9 USD.
A map of South Bohemia will leave you surprised at the number of bike routes available here. Just as with horse riding, bicycling will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Czech meadows and houses, breathe in the fresh smell of flowers, and feel yourself as a part of nature.
4. Boat rentals
Price per hour » 4 USD
Price per day » 25 USD
Riding around on a raft through the center of this picturesque curve of the Vltava River is a favorite way for Czech and foreign visitors alike to spend the time, and few forget such an experience. The entire route is lined with local pubs on the river banks, so all you need for a full day's entertainment is really a camera or video camera.
5. Airplane rides (for 3 to 12 passengers)
Price per hour » 35 USD
Air trips above the South Bohemian landscape will give you an unforgettable birds-eye view of the area.
6. Parachute jumps (with an instructor)
Price » 135 USD
Jumps are from a 3 km altitude with an experienced instructor. All parachutes meet international safety norms.
7. Fishing
20 km from the town is the “Czech Sea”, the water reservoir Lipno, which is an ideal place for fishing enthusiasts.
8. Skiing and downhill skiing
As soon as the snow falls, then the only way to truly experience the beauty of the Šumava forests is on skis. The slope of Kramolín attracts beginning skiers, but professionals as well who are looking for the “black” route!!
9. Tennis
The town has tennis courts (four outdoor, two indoor), which correspond to international standards.

Český Krumlov – the Pearl of South Bohemia

This ancient town, lying on the very south of Bohemia in the foothills of the Alps, was inscribed on the UNESCO list of world heritage thanks to its historic significance. The historic center of town saw practically no changes from the middle of the 18th century, and the castle complex is the second largest in the country after Prague Castle. The town is one of the most beautiful in Europe, which is why it's visited by over a million tourists per year.

The most visited sights in Český Krumlov

1. Český Krumlov State Castle and Chateau (two visitor's routes, Baroque Theatre, and more)
Open from April 1 to October 31 except Mondays.
The castle and chateau are the most prominent local monuments, dating back to at least the middle of the 13th century. The castle complex is the second largest after Prague Castle, and you can visit the interiors on one or both of two visitors' routes. One of the castle's most unforgettable rooms is the Masquerade Hall which brings visitors into the atmosphere of a merry Baroque carnival. Legend also holds that you might see the White Lady, who might tell you your fate. A true jewel is the castle's Baroque Theatre, which has preserved its original equipment, layout, stage machinery, and costumes. The Castle Tower offers a fantastic view onto the entire town.
2. Wax Museum
Open daily throughout the year.
This is one of three wax museums in the Czech Republic, located in a Renaissance building in the center of Český Krumlov. The museum holds several expositions, including an example of historical crafts, scenes from everyday life, fishing, an old tavern, an alchemist's kitchen, and more. Part of the exposition is devoted to the noble Rožmberk and Habsburg families. The last hall is set aside for modern figures of political, cultural, and athletic life of the 20th century. The museum is equipped with more than 50 figures.
3. Museum of Torture
Open daily throughout the year.
This newly-opened museum with put you in touch with the history of Medieval punishment practices which usually included various tortures and executions. This is the only such exposition in the Czech Republic with a detailed overview of the development of instruments of torture. Such instruments led people to confessions of witchcraft, and often led to their execution. About a hundred displays of torture instruments have been placed into the reconstructed cellar spaces of the Český Krumlov Town Hall. Many are supplemented with wax figures which depict the tortured and their agony. The museum is equipped with special audiovisual effects with show a witch-burning and sword execution. There is also an interesting collection of old engravings with scenes of executions and torture.
4. Fairy tale house for children and adults
Open daily throughout the year.
The Fairy Tale House will acquaint you not only with the heroes of Czech national fairy tales, but with characters from the rest of Europe. Your children will enjoy the world of fairy tales as well as the puppet performance.
5. Eggenberg Brewery
Tours all year during the week (tours must be prepared ahead of time).
The Český Krumlov brewery has a five hundred year tradition of brewing light and dark beer which has been awarded many prizes. Eggenberg has its followers in Bohemia and elsewhere in Europe. A tour will give you a look at the process of brewing up to its end, and after the tour you can taste the beer and get a taste of real Bohemian cooking in the brewery's restaurant.
6. Graphite mine
Open July, September, and August daily.
You might be familiar with the world-known factory of Koh-i-noor, a České Budějovice firm with used graphite from Český Krumlov mines. Before the tour begins, you'll receive a miner's outfit, and a wagon will take you to the middle of the mountain, where you'll become familiar with the entire process of mining. The photo taken of you in miner's gear at the end of the tour will give you something good to show your friends.
7. Egon Schiele Art Center
Open all year.
Egon Schiele (1890-1918) is a significant artist from the beginning of the 20th century. Český Krumlov is the birth place of his mother, and he himself visited here often to draw inspiration from the town. The Center also features other exhibitions by other world-renowned artists.
8. Regional History Museum
Open every day except Monday.
9. Church of St. Vitus
Open daily throughout the year. Mass is held on Sundays with organ music.
10. Revolving Auditorium
Plays from June 6 to September 1 daily except Mondays.
The castle garden is the site of a unique theatre with a revolving auditorium where you can experience opera, ballet, drama, Mozart, Shakespeare's comedies and works of Verdi, Tchaikovsky, or Dvořák. The castle garden creates the backdrops and scenery.
11. Five-petalled rose festival
Every year, in the middle of June, you have an exceptional possibility to spend some time in the atmosphere of the Renaissance, in the age of the last of the Rožmberks. More than a thousand knights, magicians, musicians, burghers, merchants, and craftsmen play out theatre and matches on the streets of the town. This is the town’s most visited event.
12. National Marionette theatre
Plays from June 3 to September 7 twice a week. The National Marionette Theatre presents, in its own original way, the „opera of operas“ Don Giovanni in the Municipal Theatre.
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